Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pleasantly Strange, Is All

I was flipping channels last night, down deep in the dial, and I saw that Sin City, Hellboy, and Tank Girl were all on at the same time.

Not that it means anything in the grand scheme of things, but there were three comic-book derived films on television
(and only one of them any good), none of them featuring superheroes...and I just think that's kinda cool.

Comic book characters have become mainstream enough to serve as cable TV programming wallpaper.

(And while we're devoting any space whatsoever to the fact that Tank Girl exists as a feature film, let's take a moment to imagine just how phenomenal it might've been as an animated film, directed by Jamie Hewlett with all mad energy he would eventually bring to the Gorillaz...but younger. Stupid Lori Petty.)


Justin said...

So which is the good one? I haven't seen Hellboy or Sin City yet (I know, revoke my comics fanboy card) and have heard differing opinions on both.

marc bernardin said...

Hellboy is a pretty solid little movie: one that firmly establishes it's own world and tells a tight story within it.

Tank Girl is an abomination.

And Sin City, while it looks pretty fantastic, is a mess. An object lesson in the perils of translation versus adaptation. It's a film that needed a screenwriter to hammer it into a movie, not a collection of storyboards but to leaden voice-over.

But that's just me.