Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dumbest Thing Ever of the Day

Go with me on this one.

As I understand it, the chief lure of paintball is to be able to have a socially acceptable gun battle with real live humans. To live out your storming-the-beach-at-Normandy/holding-down-the-Alamo/defending-precinct 13 fantasies without actually shooting anyone. (And for the truly sadistic, it's a corporate team building exercise.) But that's why it has survived as a recreational activity for so long.

Again, as I understand it, the chief lure of first-person-shooter videogames is to be able to storm the beach at Normandy/repel alien mutant invaders/lead an expert tactical assault team in a virtually immersive environment. While you aren't actually interacting in any way with reality, all the trappings are there, enough to get you over the theoretical hump.

I was flipping through a DC comic, I think it was Desolation Jones #7, and came across an ad for this:

It's a videogame of an activity that people do when they want to do the thing that videogames allow them to do.

Some days, man...I just lose faith.

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Anonymous said...

It's also a bit curious that DC has full page ads for a game that's about a year old.

I had the same reaction you did when I reviewed it at OperationSports. It's like some kind of hayseed John Barth, a videogame of a videogame.