Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Comic out today. Can't get sphincter to stop clenching.

That is all.


Larkin said...

Bought this on a whim and glad I did. A nice start. Like that it's set in the future but not with all the wacky sci-fi flying-car-stereotypical-future stuff. Beautiful art. Will be getting the rest of the series. Cheers!

Maureen said...

That was the other thing I wanted to do today that I forgot to do!
Hope the signing went well -- and hell, I may just have to find myself at a comic shop tomorrow. I'll make you sign it the next time I see you!


Randy said...

It was my second favorite read of the week, and would have been my favorite if True Story Swear to God hadn't been so great.

And was much enjoyed by several of the other guys at Comic Pants as well. And we've been hand-selling it to customers at the shop.

Lee Garbett said...

Thanks Guys!

Like Marc I have been somewhat clenched. I've slackened off a bit after your kind comments.


marc bernardin said...

seriously, thanks everyone...!

Ringwood said...

Hmm. I posted a comment and it didn't show.

Congratulations, man. You both have made the big leap.