Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

I guess. Right, that's what we do this time of year, mark the passing of one into the next? Reminds me of my grandfather. Every time I'd have a birthday, he'd ask me, "So, how do you feel?" And I'd always say, "Same as I did yesterday, but with a couple more presents."

So, hey, Happy New Year.

In other news, The Highwaymen was just nominated for Best Limited Series by Broken Frontier. (And Rob Leigh, our letterer, also got a nod...though I suspect it was more for his work on Justice League of America or Green Lantern. But, hey, good for Rob.)

Also: Scott Pilgrim is almost criminally good. I know, I'm like the last dude to discover it, but holy dog shit. I pulverized all four volumes in three days. Someday, my writing will follow its own muse like that. Bryan Lee O'Malley just fucking goes for it and pwns the shit out of it in the process.

Also also: Rock Band is more fun than should be sold in a box. My hands actually started to callous up from whaling on the drum kit.

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Ken Lowery said...

Rock Band is actually what I did for New Year, me and five friends. I reluctantly took up drums and turned out to be pretty good at it.. until a "mystery set" smacked us with "...And Justice For All."

Fuck you, Lars Ulrich. Fuck you.