Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Last Thing About Comic-Con

Well-reasoned arguments have no place in San Diego. As I mentioned before, Entertainment Weekly hosted a trifecta of panels at the SDCC this year. And, as many of you may know, I work at Entertainment Weekly. In fact, I played a pretty decent-sized part in the planning of those panels. (Hell, I even named 'em.) Two of the three times I attempted to make it into the holding rooms for those panels, to either greet our guests or sooth my fellow moderators, I was stopped at the black curtain by SDCC's redshirts.

"Sorry, you can't go back there."
"No, I work for Entertainment Weekly."
"No press allowed."
"But this is an Entertainment Weekly panel. We're running it."
"No press, sir."
"Entertainment Weekly is right there in the name. Entertainment Weekly Presents The Visionaries. Look, my badge says I work for Entertainment Weekly. I need to get back there."
"Without a backstage badge, I can't let you go."
"This is kind of ridiculous."
"It is what it is. No press."
"I'm not press, now. I'm just a dude who wants to thank Fraction for showing up."

And on it went until our Special Projects Editor—the brave, talented, resourceful, and all-around-awesome Lisa Simpson—saw me trying to use the Force to overpower weak minds and rescued me.

I understand these guys were just doing their jobs, and I'm sure they were besieged by fanboys trying to harvest the sweat from Grant Morrison's head or clone their very own Zack Snyder from stray hairs plucked from his wavy mane, but I'm a big fan of processing information as you get it and deciding upon action based on that information. Clearly, independent thought wasn't on this redshirt's allowed-to-do list. Just one more item for the Cons of Con list.

With that, I'm done.

(Adam has a rundown of the business-y stuff we did over the course of the last week, for those of you interested.)

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