Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So, after I posted the Robin Banks proposal a month or so ago, a buddy of mine—who happens to be an editor at a real-deal comic book publisher—took a look and sent me some thoughts. Here they are:

"This will come as no surprise to you, but books based on females, in general, do not do as well as books based on men. Yes, I know we can both come up with exceptions, but it is still a handicap. (And, yes, I know that’s the entire point of this series in particular—I get that. I’m just trying to point out to you what the suits are probably going to say first thing.)

"It feels right now like about four issues, and maybe even only three. Obviously, you could make this five or six or twelve—that’s all implicit but not currently explicit.

"You know, this seems like it’s got the makings of a hell of a slam bang adventure story, with great visuals and lots of attractive and totally kickass, incredibly competent women...but I’m not sure I’m getting Robin’s character arc. Other than proving she’s as capable as any man—which seems to be obvious from the very beginning—where does she grow? I mean, WE know her true worth from the first page, and so does she—so what makes her the protagonist? Or am I misreading it and she’s not actually the protagonist?

"This is a great opening, and absolutely makes me want to see more. I have no doubt the rest of her team are going to turn out to be totally wicked awesome too and very much look forward to you proving me right."

This buddy—who agreed to allow me to publish his comments in exchange for anonymity—has got a point or two. So, let's see if I can work some stuff out.

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