Tuesday, July 28, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con '09: The Year it All Changed

Grandiose title, yes? But it's true. In more ways than one.

THE AUTHORITY. Adam and I are taking over The Book Warren Built for Wildstorm. It's been in the works for a couple of months, and it's a massive thing for us. We are being entrusted with, essentially, the jewel in the Wildstorm crown, and we hope to be equal to the task. Or, at the very least, to blow up enough shit that you won't notice that we aren't.

GENIUS. Top Cow reaffirmed their commitment to the book. We're looking at early '10 for Vol. 1.

CELL DIVISION. Also for Top Cow, a new science fiction thriller. Most likely summer '10.

UNTITLED AMERICAN ORIGINAL BOOK. I'm gonna follow Jeff Katz into the fire for a spell and see what the weather's like. It's an "urban" miniseries — which means it'll have mostly black people in it. But I'll see if I can throw in a Puerto Rican or two.

MONSTER ATTACK NETWORK. I signed a copy of the book for the fella that's gonna be the star. Can't say who, of course. But there is sweetness afoot.

THE CONVENTION ITSELF. Maddening/phenomenal as always. The way the SDCC organizers deal with the press continues to be imperfect at best, impossible at worst. Catching up with old comic-friends is always worth the trip. And there is business to be done amongst the chaos.

But the thing that crystallized how the Comic-Con experience has changed for me was the Wired Cafe. If you haven't heard of it, it only underlines my point. On a terrace bar at the Omni Hotel, Wired set up an oasis: free food, free top-shelf booze, working wifi, banging sounds, gift bags, celebrities, the whole nine yards. It ran from Thursday through Saturday, and it was terrific. Once granted admission, one could visit there as often as one wished.

But the only people who knew of this were the famous and those who covered them. The multitudes who stood on lines for hours, who slept in the open to see Robert Pattinson, who walked the miles of the floor carrying an infantryman's pack worth of merchandise while wearing a Time Lord's trench before hiking to their hotel where they slept five to a room...they were oblivious. The people who made Comic-Con what it was, the very people who needed such sanctuary the most couldn't get it. Sure, there have always been parties and events not for public participation, but this was the first time I'd seen the Comic-Con equivalent of a Sundance gifting suite.

And that marked for me the turning of Comic Con.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, loved Highwaymen and I'm exctied to see what you go in store for us Wildstorm fans


ProgGrrl said...

Congrats man, sounds like you have a tonna stuff goin on.

RE the Wired Cafe: it sounded like a nice perk before...but when you put it like that. YEAH. SUCKS.

pinguino said...

man, i totally wish i knew about the wired cafe. but i probably also didn't have time to walk over to the omni to chill there.

congrats on the authority!

jd_motownwest said...

Looking fwd to your take on The Authority!

And damn, wish I was in on the Wired Cafe too! Did enjoy their Patron/Circle party though.

Siobhan said...

VERY late comment but I noticed you wrote Top Cow reaffirmed their commitment to Genius Vol 1...the side of the website says you're working on Vol 2 Issue 3...so I can't wait!

vijay prakash said...

man, i totally wish i knew about the wired cafe. but i probably also didn't have time to walk over to the omni to chill there


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