Friday, March 31, 2006


For those of you thinking to yourselves, "Hey, whatever happened to that comic book that Marc was talking about so much when he first started this blog and hasn't mentioned in the past three months?" it's-a-coming. Buncha stuff cropped up around and after the holidays that brought production to something of a grinding halt, but now we're kinda back on track. Starting to see rough layouts—which is a pretty phenomenal experience, as anyone who's ever written a comic and seen it drawn will tell you.

But, because of the temporary work stoppage, we're probably not gonna make a 2006 release. Which makes me a tiny bit sad, but not overly so. I should still have a raft of pages to bring with me to San Diego in July and, hey, 2007 is just as good a year as any, right? It even sounds slightly more futuristic than 2006...because it is.

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