Monday, March 06, 2006


Don't really care anymore. I mean, professionally, I have to "care," since it's prime feed for the weekly entertainment magazine that cuts my checks. But I don't, personally, care...not the way I used to when I was in my early 20s, staying up late and watching all the Billy Crystal-shepherded bidness go down, giddy with the idea that at some point I could be there, accepting my own statuette. I know better now. (It may still happen, but giving a toss over what happens during the Oscars won't get me there any faster.)

Maybe I'm just jaded. Or, more likely, bored. Because it is still, regardless of what they change each year, a horribly programmed show, far too beholden to tradition to be genuinely interesting and far too reliant on the attendance of the beautiful people to be remotely real.

So, until I or someone I know gets nominated, I'm not gonna care. (Sorta came close this year; what with one of my bosses mis-IDed as Eric Roth because he was sitting next to his husband, Tony Kushner, nominated for cowriting Munich. But I've never met Tony, so doesn't count.)

Don't ask, don't care. Too busy nursing this stupid cold I got from one of my offspring in lieu of gratitude for caring for them solo (while my wife went skiing). Too busy trying not to cough an eyeball out.

Shit. Okay, nobody move.


Stephen Benson said...

i have never been able to grasp the concept of the awards stuff. i've been blessed to be on a couple of projects with john williams (great composer, great movie composer, wonderful conductor, damn fine human being guy) and the incomparable quincy jones. walking out with my kids after "episode I, star wars" where i had some harp riffs (angel axe, not harmonica) my daughter renee (now a pre-med student) squeezed my hand and said "great music dad." something like that makes a statuette really insignificant. here's my totally unpatented bring your throat back from the dead gargle: in a mug mix hot, not boiling water, 2 tbsp salt, 3 twists of lemon peel, 4 good shakes of tobasco (if you do it while sneezing it should be perfect). gargle. i have used this before singing a full set when my voice was at the painful whisper stage. for a working musician you'll notice that all the ingredients are over the counter in any bar. i was taught this by an operatic tenor who ended up doing voice overs.

marc bernardin said...

you're lucky, I suppose, that one of the few constantly good things in the new Star Wars movies has been the music.

Thanks for the tonic. I'll give it a shot, but I have to think that gargling while sneezing could get messy.

Stephen Benson said...

shake the tobasco while sneezing, not gargling, my bad writing, that's why i'll stay a jingle whore and leave the writing to you guys that can do it better than i.

Jon Abrams said...

Just remember the most important message that the Oscars gave us this year...
"It's hard out there for a pimp."
Never forget this.