Monday, June 05, 2006

Mea Culpa

Sorry for the lack of real posts, but it's gotten a little crazy ovah heah. Many of the things that had been in the hopper are hopping right out and turning into real honest-to-goodness opportunities. The manager has asked me to take another look at Hero Unlimited, with an eye towards two things: 1) Freshening it up for, perhaps, another go on the spec circuit and 2) maybe turning it into a TV pilot—which can be done, but would require telling a totally different story (luckily, I already know what it is) with the same characters.

Bad Medicine, the other TV pilot that Adam and I finished last month, has hooked both his agent and my manager, and things may heat up on that front later in the summer.

Then the comic book stuff: Wildstorm wants to move forward on a 5-issue limited series that we pitched them in February and there may be a kernel of interest on some Batman ideas.

I'm thinking about a children's book—either a graphic novel or an honest-to-goodness illustrations-and-text picture book. A story I've been kicking around in my head about autism.

And then, finally, the screenplay that Adam and I have been intermittently working on for the last eight months, which, sadly, ends up taking the back seat to whatever is the most time-urgent. (For most of last year, that was Monster Attack Network, then it was regular old day-job stuff, then Bad Medicine, all on top of our respective parental/husbandly duties.)

Oh, and suddenly there's an animation window opening up that we need to figure out how to take advantage of.

And the Vertigo pitches we need to work up...

And, eventually, sleep.

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Ken Lowery said...

Good lord, you're on fire.

In completely unrelated news, I have to say your comic strips inspired me: