Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Robin Banks: No Time Like the Past

I remember first watching the not-as-good-as-the-first-but-way-better-than-the-second Ocean's Thirteen, and there was a scene early on when Brad Pitt's Rusty is on a safe-cracking job, and he uses this crazy x-ray plastic-computer sheet to see through the safe door to the lock mechanism inside...and while it was cool, it wasn't Cool, if you get my drift. Sure, the tech was neat, but you're losing something from the Heist Formula if all the skill inherent in being an expert thief can be obtained if you've got the right phone numbers and account balance.

So I decided to set Robin Banks in the mid-1960s. Not only do you get the kind of retro-Bondian tech and people who crack safes using stethoscopes and touch, but you get the terrific mod/deco look.

Did I mention that this would be set in Los Angeles? Because if ever there was a city that thought it was set in the future, it's LA.

Plus, in the '60s, you get the backdrop of the Women's Liberation movement. And given that the heroine is a, you know, heroine, that's really intriguing.

Up next: Robin's posse got velocity.

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