Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Robin Banks: Sexual Healing

Okay, so I decided one thing, for sure. Robin Banks is a woman. When I wrote that passage, I defaulted automatically to a male protagonist—read into that what you will. I'm a dude, I tend to write what I know. Except when I don't: The lead characters of both The Highwaymen and Genius are both women. (Whether they're fully realized women is for the reader to gauge—but we tried.)

But I think it's interesting to have someone "trapped by their name" into a line of work that traditionally falls to the opposite sex. Not that women can't be bank robbers....

More later.


Ed said...

Marc - I'm a huge fan of this new direction. Robin Banks actually sounded more like a woman to me when I read your first post about him/her. Now that you've confirmed this, I'll confess to a slight "Jackie Brown" style pic in my head. Either that or Starbuck in Bionic Woman, but less angsty.

Excited to watch this project develop!


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