Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Cover to Push #1 Sure is Purty

In case I haven't mentioned it, Adam and I are writing a six-issue miniseries that'll serve as the prequel to this Chris Evan-Dakota Fanning superheroish movie called Push, which comes out next March.

To give you an idea of how crazy the schedule is, we signed on to do the book a couple of weeks before San Diego. The deadline for the first script...was a couple of weeks before San Diego. We've been working double/triple time to get this thing done—as all six issues need to be out before the movie opens. First two issues ship in November, I think. I can't keep it straight—we're just putting the words on the page.

But the art team on this'n is spectacular. The incomparable Jock is doing the covers (which, if judging by the first issue's, will be all kinds of shades of awesome) and a dude named Bruno Redondo is doing the interiors—and, like our Highwaymen artist Lee Garbett, this guy could work in the States for as long as he wants to.


Anonymous said...

Dude. How on earth do you keep getting hooked up with these awesome artists?

marc bernardin said...

Karmic payback. The universe owes me, big time.

Dave Carver said...


Really!! Bruno Redondo is super!! You can find him here !!

Is a new artist or there is something more published here??