Monday, August 04, 2008

Don't Be Stupid, Be a GENIUS

Okay, boys and girls. Here's where I need your help. As much of it as you can deliver.

As you all know, Adam and I wrote a comic book called Genius, as part of Top Cow's Pilot Season program (you vote for the one-shot issue you like the most, and it goes on to become a series). And the voting is now open, from today through the end of August. So...
  • If you liked the book and want to read more about what happens to Destiny and her War...go vote.
  • If you like the idea of getting to have a say in the comics you read...go vote.
  • If you want to see more diversity on comics pages...go vote.
  • If you like watching shit blow up...go vote.
  • If you're tired of giant-hyper-mega-global crossovers that require $40 a month just to get the story straight...go vote.
  • If you really like internet polls...go vote.
  • If you relish rewarding the new, the different, the slightly left-of-center...go vote.
  • If you wanna make my mom happy (even though she wasn't thrilled at the profanity)...go vote.
But above all, just go vote. It's not often you, the reader, gets a voice. If you don't use that voice, if you choose not to avail yourselves of the rights afforded to you, they'll get take away.

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