Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Smartest Thing I've Ever Done

In the course of the three years I've been running this blog, I've gotten more than 31,000 visits. And I've always thought that, by and large, people kept coming back because they vibed with what I'm putting out there. Sure, some entries have gotten more play than others—the "What Went Wrong With The Highwaymen" series was a gangbuster—but I always thought that it was the words that struck a chord with readers.

I was wrong.

See, about a year ago, I wrote a post about potential casting for The Highwaymen movie, and when musing about who'd be good for Grace—our third lead, a young redhead who learns she's more than meets the eye—I ran the following picture of That '70s Show's Laura Prepon:

And that's what drives about 80 percent of my traffic: people Google-searching for pictures of Laura Prepon. (Rhinoplastique shows up right at the top of the second page of the image search.) Nice pic, to be sure. I've got a pretty good eye—maybe I missed my calling as a soft-core photo editor. Or I should turn this blog into a comic-book-adaptation-casting-think-tank, replete with lots of pitchers of well-endowed young women.

So, hey, welcome to the party, redheaded-ex-sitcom-babe fetishists. Hope you stick around to, you know, read. After all, you only need the one hand to scroll.

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Anonymous said...

spot on.