Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kevin Smith Has Ruined My Soul

I like Kevin Smith. Some don't, but I do. I respect him as a writer and think he's got lots of room to grow as a director, but he'll get there. Beyond that, the dude just makes me laugh. As such, I've been a long-time listener to his SModcast, in which Smith and his cohorts—usually his producing partner, Scott Mosier—regale with stories ranging from Hollywood travails to the odds a serial killer will trade fellatio for lives. Anyone who's been to one of his Q&As, or seen him on a panel, or watched any of the An Evening With DVDs knows that the motherfucker can tell a good story. And I'm always willing to take the podcasty ride.

But his latest SModcast has damaged me. He and his buddy Malcolm Ingram hit the internet and describe, in excruciating detail, two video clips they came across. You know how there are some things you can't unsee? There are also things you can't unhear. Like the play-by-play on clips with names like "Glass Ass" and "Two Guys and a Horse."

Thanks, Kev. You've reminded me why I'm afraid of the internet. And people.

(Should you want to hear, download the podcast in question here. Don't say I didn't warn you. Because here I am. Warning you.)

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