Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This Kid Thinks I'm an Idiot

That's my son, Luc. A little over two. And he thinks I'm a moron.

He's just starting to wrap his mind around speech. Says a bunch of words, but he's not what you would call conversant...in English. But I'm convinced he's fluent in his own language. And is getting frustrated that I don't comprehend it.

Last night, I walk into the kitchen and he's sitting on the floor in front of the fridge, looking at pictures of family and friends. I ask him "What's up, buddy?" And he stands up, looks me dead in the eye, points into the middle distance, and says "Puw Bowwy."

I run through the 15 things I think he could be talking about. None of them seemed to be it. Then, he spoke to me the same way you speak to a foreigner: He repeated the same thing, just louder and slower, as if the reason I didn't understand was I was deaf and retarded.


Then he gave up and walked away.

He's not supposed to think I'm an idiot until much later.


Bill Cunningham said...

Hey, think of it this way - he's ahead of the curve!

Ken Lowery said...

Well you know what I heard?

I heard he's got a fat ass.

marc bernardin said...

proportionally, yeah, you could say his rump is large...and he's still missing teeth!

Ken Lowery said...

There you go, then. You can lord that over him for at least a few more years. Then the inevitable decline...