Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hell Called

It wants its fucking snow back.

(Sorry. Just a little ticked at having to haul my frakking gloves out of the winter box. Where they had been. Because. It. Is. April. Dammit.)


Stephen Benson said...

i moved away from lake tahoe on account of the snow there. at first it was cool, all currier and ives shit. family was always wanting to come visit and ski. in '79 we didn't thaw. year fuckin' round snow. i was reading books about the donner party and looking at my roomate. urban snow has no charm beyond hiding trash piles and bodies.

marc bernardin said...

the worst part is that my Manhattan resident friends are always like "Oh, it's so beautiful...I love it when it snows." And I'm like "Well, then come down to my house and excavate the fucker from the 18 inches of white rain I got."