Thursday, April 27, 2006

So, I'm Back

Finished the Summer Movie Preview. It was a long road, but there is a sense of satisfaction one gets having the final product in your hands...or, in my case, on my desk, with Tom Hanks' face glaring at me.

But the strangest thing about it all — and this almost slipped by me — is that this issue marks my 10-year anniversary at the weekly entertainment magazine.

Aside from breathing, I've never done anything for 10 straight years. School was always broken up in chunks, never dated anyone for that long (though I've been with my wife for almost 12, but that shifted from dating, to being engaged, to being married: all different dynamics)....

An old friend of mine, let's call him Brad (because that's his name), was a drummer. Since he was, like, six years old. By the time he and I were in a band together, in high-school, he'd been playing the drums for longer than he had not been playing the drums. And he was really good. Astonishingly good. The kind of percussionist who warmed up with Buddy Rich solos. The kind of musician that, frankly, could've done far better than our shitty band. And I was always a little jealous that he had this thing that he did, and knew how to do well, and would always be doing because he loved it.

Not that being a magazine editor is my end-all- be-all (though, let me be clear, I do enjoy it and think that I'm half-way decent at it), but I'm starting to understand what it's like to have invested time in an endeavor and be able to take pride in that investment. Not bad at all.

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Ken Lowery said...

Congratulations. And yes, it's a beast of an issue.