Monday, August 14, 2006

The Artist Formerly Known As

This whole graphic novel thing was swimming along so easily. Pitched the idea to the publisher at San Diego 2005. Finished writing by the end of October 2005. Found an artist by that November. Targeted San Diego 2006 as the big debut. And then...not much.

The reason that I haven't been keeping you all abreast (heh...I said breast) of what was happening with Monster Attack Network is because nothing's been happening. And that was a problem. The work that should've been getting done wasn't. Life had a way of getting in the way. Births, deaths, paying gigs...the only thing that was missing was a wedding, and we'd officially be able to say that the Circle of Life rolled in and fucked us.

So, eight months after seeing our first character sketches—and not seeing a single page of finished art—Adam and I decided to part ways with the artist. Which really is a shame, because he's an insanely talented cat who could've made this book sing. But we'll never know.

I've still got the sheet music, though...if anyone's interested. Seriously, lemme know.

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