Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Favorite Emmy Moment

Came before the Emmys even started. During the preshow, when assbag Billy Bush caught Jeremy Piven on the red carpet, and asked him if he's ever seen Jennifer Garner's baby, or Brad Pitt's baby, or maybe even perhaps Suri Cruise, because, well, he lives in California. Piven reared back and said:

"I don't go hunting for celebrity babies. I have 116 other things to do, thank you, Billy. You need another job. I mean, you have potential as a human being. This may not be right for you. Seriously, can you focus on other things?"

Honestly, I think that's why he got the Emmy.


Adam Freeman said...

Genius. Piven had this look on his face the entire time as if to say, "What the fuck am I doing here?" Unfortunately, stopping at the entertainment magazine's red carpet positions is required if you want to continually getting good press coverage.

marc bernardin said...

I know it. And I love the fact that he didn't care enough about Access Hollywood to play nice.