Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rump Shakur

I was in transit when most of this John Mark Karr business broke. I don't really care all that much. Sure, he looks a little Norman Bates crazy and he's got the three names that point to your classic killer dude, but JonBenet's unsolved murder wasn't keeping me up at night.

But part of me—the part that cares just a little—couldn't help but channel my inner Chris Rock and wonder: For a little white girl murdered 10 years ago, they marshall the resources to track this guy to friggin' Thailand and bring him back, but the authorities still don't know who killed Tupac...and if they are still looking, they're not looking outside of Compton.

I'm just saying...


Ken Lowery said...

It is my sincere belief that the world's population has reached a silent consensus. That consensus is: white blonde women are the most valuable resource in the world. If we ever give up paper money, blonde hair will become universal currency.

JonBenet makes you scratch your head. For me, it's the Natalee Holloway/Aruba thing. I actually had to stop watching the news for awhile because the absurdity of it made me too angry.

Nicholas Borelli said...

I write about predators like Karr and others of his ilk in two of my several books. What Karr and other predators need is described in "Let No Man Be My Albatross" and "FATA! The Act of the Avengeance." In both cases the predator gets to meet up with the fathers of the victims.

Nick Borelli

Anonymous said...

So you don't care about Natalee, JonBenet, et al, because they are white?