Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Road Not Taken

EDITED: 8/9/06

Apparently, the powers that be don't want you to see what was a collection of clips from the HORRIBLE live-action Justice League pilot. Hell, if I had powers, I wouldn't want you to see it either.


Pat Tucker said...

Shouldn't The Flash be moving a little quicker?

Bill Cunningham said...

Wait a minute, are you telling me that YouTube yanked the JL?

marc bernardin said...

yep...this version, anyway.

Bill Cunningham said...

[start rant]

Well, call me crazy, but that's just plain stupid. Not ignorant - stupid.

That little clip advertised a really bad show no one ever really saw.

If The Powers That Be had half a brain, they would have immediately put it up on their aol In2TV portal ALONG WITH ADVERTISING and let people see how bad it was.
However they don't have half a brain, and the quarter brain they do have is stuck up their a$$es!

They could hve turned it around and made back some money with no investment on their part beyond what they are already doing.

Sheer lunacy.

Have any of these Entertainment Industry MBA's ever really run a business? I mean a real business where you don't get rewarded for ONLY losing $100M that year?

Hey, that's fine. No skin off my nose. But if it were me? I would seriously look at Lionsgate's base hit strategy rather than the "let's shoot our wad on one movie like we're 80's coke whores."

[end rant]

marc bernardin said...

you say that like there's something wrong with '80s coke whores...

Bill Cunningham said...

Hey, I banged a few - but to this day, I can't remember their names!