Monday, April 09, 2007

Comicky Goodness Update

Well, let's see.

We're about to deliver the last script for The Highwaymen to our editor, Scott Peterson, today. We took our last pass on it over the weekend, now just rereading to make sure that we pay off everything we set up over the course of the five issues. We've seen a lettered version of the first issue and, after rewriting most of it, it reads like a real comic book. We've seen the first three covers, and the first couple of passes at logos. And we got a half-a-page in the April issue of Previews. Hot damn.

Monster Attack Network is steaming along. Proofed the whole damned thing, and sent our text edits back to AiT/PlanetLar Central Command and our requests for fixes back to the artist. In a month or so, that too will be a real comic book.

And the scouring the earth for new work goes well. Taking part in a couple of anthologies, waiting for approval on a couple of other books, got a standing offer we need to figure out how best to take advantage of, shaking the trees and seeing what else will shake loose. We are not above swiping at the low-hanging fruit.

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