Monday, April 23, 2007

"If You Read Nothing Else..."

This, from some dude named Eric:

If You Read Nothing Else

"This month, I'm most excited about The Highwaymen, a mini-series about two guys who used to courier items around the country. One of them drives fast while the other shoots fast. It's been years since either of them worked together (and, apparently, they might hate each other's guts a little bit). However, when they are recruited out of retirement to run one last job for a dead President, they have to step up. That's just a darn nifty idea...gotta love the old-codgers-coming-out-of-retirement bit."


"This storyline actually seems like it might have a little game if carried out properly. Driving, shooting, and death-defying antics... who could ask for more, really?"

The nicest part about this is that I have absolutely no idea who Eric Jacobson is...but I dig that he digs it.

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