Friday, February 16, 2007

Finally...More 'Aliens'


A company called Bluefields Creative (looks like a VFX firm) is developing a quick-hit animated series, much like Cartoon Network's Clone Wars, based on James Cameron's Aliens—which is, for my money, the greatest action film ever made.

According to Ain't It Cool News, always a bastion of reliability, there's some interest in Aliens: War Games, but it hasn't made it to Fox proper yet. But judging by the presentation footage (click on "Animated Boards" to see it), they've got a pretty good handle on the world.

Will it fly? Who knows? But I've got my fingers crossed. I've always wondered why Fox didn't milk this franchise and do a Colonial Marines vs. aliens TV series. Seemed like a no-brainer to me. (I'd have much rather watched that than Space: Above and Beyond.)

Maybe this is the cure for what ails...

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