Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Latest Thing I'm Pissed Off About

Joel Schumacher and The Sandman. Together again.

Ye gods, I hope this doesn't happen. But, you know, it probably will. With Joss Whedon off of Wonder Woman, and all the injustice that entails, this would probably balance the scales. After all, the forces of good can't win every time.

(And, if anyone out there has access, I would LOVE to read Whedon's script, or whatever there was of it. That goes in the "Pop Culture Buried Treasures" bin, along with Kubrick's first movie, Fear and Desire, and D.A. Pennebaker's lost Dylan doc, Eat the Document, likely never to be seen again.)

Please, let the powers that be do two things: 1) Watch Schumacher's Batman & Robin, the whole damned thing. 2) Read The Sandman, the whole damned thing. And then try to synthesize a world where those two aesthetics should be in the same fucking zip code.


Tom McLean said...

Hi, Marc!!

Before you (or anyone else, for that matter) gets too bent out of shape about this, let's be clear that Schumacher was responding to a question about which comic book he'd like to make if he was to make another. All it means is Joel has read Sandman, likes it and thinks it would be a movie that he would like to make should things come together that way.

It doesn't mean that WB is pleading with him to make it. It's just one of those questions that people like me (or even you!) would ask and the answer doesn't mean all that mcuh.

Just sayin'. See you at NYCC?

marc bernardin said...

Oh, I know it probably won't happen. (Or at least I hope that it won't happen.) But even if no one is escaping the prison nuthouse, you still keep the spotlights going, right?

And, yeah, I'll totally see you at NYCC. When do you get into town?