Monday, February 26, 2007

More NYCC Stuff

Here are a couple of links to Newsarama reports from the panels I was on, should you really and truly desire to sample my scintillating wit in a public forum.

Crossing Over: How the Comics Boom is Changing Entertainment.


My favorite quote, which didn't make it into either of these write-ups, came during the Wildstorm panel. A fan from the audience asked whether or not the Wildstorm Universe was turning into a PG-13/All-Ages affair. The answer was (and I'm paraphrasing) "Yes, it is, for the books that take place within that Universe. But some, like The Highwaymen, will exist outside of that Universe and won't be under the same restrictions."

And then I chimed in with: "Our book is totally, unapologetically profane. Like if Billy Connelly and Redd Foxx went on a Tourette's road trip, with guns."

I think I heard 100 Bullets' Brian Azzarello, who was sitting next to me, snort.

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