Thursday, February 22, 2007

New York Comic Convention

I'm girding my loins for this 2nd annual whorefest. (I call it that because that's pretty much all I'll be doing, selling myself to whoever's willing to bid.)

If'n you're desperately looking for me, here's where you can definitely find me:

Saturday, 5-6pm
DC Presents Crossing Over: How the Comics Boom is Changing Entertainment. (Come and thrill at me sitting next to Paul Dini, Brian K. Vaughan, and Greg Rucka as they offer cogent thoughts on the subject while I shout random obscenities!)

Sunday, 12-1pm
Wildstorm/CMX: 'Gon' Wild (Where BKV has to tolerate me once again, while Gail Simone continues to pretend not to know me.)

I'll be the devastingly normal-looking black guy.

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